Software for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

PIV Analysis Software


  • Developed for 'Quick-Look' PIV image analysis during and after PIV experiments
  • Interactive image interrogation, including view of correlation plane
  • Cross-correlation, autocorrelation and speckle-shift analysis modes
  • Supports TIFF (8bit, 16bit, incl. compression), BMP, JPEG, B16 (16bit PCO), PNG, PBM, and other image formats
  • Image pre-processing, contrast enhancement, transformation
  • Image batch processing
  • Multiple pass, multiple grid algorithms
  • Parallelized code optimized for multi-core processors using OpenMP
  • Ensemble correlation (correlation averaging methods)
  • High precision processing using iterative image deformation
  • Batch and command-line processing
  • Extensive outlier treatment
  • Interactive calibration
  • Integrated mask editor (PIVmask)
  • Stereo-PIV calibration and processing
  • Data export in TecPlot (binary and ASC-II), netCDF and ASC-II
  • Plot export into PDF and other image formats (PNG, BMP, etc.)
  • Post-Processing: filters, vorticity, shear strain,...
  • Interactive measurement of circulation and entrainment
  • PDF/HTML-based documentation
  • Direct PDF output (sample)

PIVview probably is the only PIV-software available
for all of the major operating systems:

  • MS-Windows Windows7/8/10 (32 and 64 bit)
  • MacOSX
  • Linux (32 and 64 bit)

Screenshot of PIVview2C Version 3.0

New Features in Version 3.5

  • Particle Tracking (PTV) –matching based on PIV-estimate
  • further graphics enhancements: transparent layers, logos, text annotation, background scene
  • direct cross-correlation (non-circular, non-FFT-based)
  • minimum quadratic difference matching (MQD) in addition to cross-correlation
  • Parallelized batch processing for multicore systems
    (requires additional license, please inquire)

New Features in Version 3.6

  • Python interface to optimized LibDPIV library for user designed scripting
  • enhanced XY-plotting capabilities (including zoom and scroll)

New Features in Version 3.8

  • Due to frequent requests image import now supports color (RGB) and JPEG formats, color is converted to gray scale using the luminoisty method (gray = 0.21R + 0.72G + 0.07B)

For demo versions see below or our download page.

A software development kit (SDK) for developing own applications on the Windows platform is also available.

Download a demo version of PIVview

for any of the currently most common operating systems:
(Identical to the full version but with data export and batch processing disabled)

PIVview2C-Demo (Version 3.9.3) - new!

Sample image pairs (in case you have no images to try):

Installation instructions for Windows:
Unpack all files into a directory of your choice and double-click the PIVview2CDemo executable.
Make sure the file Qt***.dll dynamic library files and plugins directory are in the same directory as PIVview2CDemo.exe
Furthermore, the Windows version 3.6 and earlier makes use of highly optimized Intel libraries such as libiomp5md.dll for which the installer scripts (MSI) can be found in the ZIP archive.

Removal: Just remove the previously unpacked files.

Previous Versions: PIVview1.7 and 2.X (Windows-only)

- PIVview2C-Demo Version 2.5 (ZIP-Archive, 3.8MB)
- PIVview2.4 Documentation (PDF-Format, 2.5 MB)

- PIVviewDemo Version 1.7 (ZIP-Archive, 690kB)
- PIVview1.7 Documentation (HTML-Format, ZipFile, 610kB)
- PIVview1.7 Documentation (PDF-Format, 1.8 MB)

Installation instructions:

Unpack the files into a directory of your choice and double-click the PivViewDemo executable.
Make sure the file FreeImage.dll is in the same directory as PIVviewDemo.exe.
Removal: Just remove the previously unpacked files.

For more information about PIVview and our other software products
feel free to contact us directly at

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